Kegel Exercise Fixes Erectile Dysfunction


Poor Sexual Function in Men

Men who suffer poor health such as diabetic, heart disease show poor sexual function.  More than 75% of men over 40 are also diagnosed with problems such as obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol due to lack of exercise and food control. As a result, these men fail to satisfy their partner sexually. Many have dysfunction or inability to achieve and sustain penile erection for satisfactory sex due to their poor health.   Women normally takes longer time to reach orgasm and premature ejaculation leaves women feeling frustrated.

Kegel Exercise Fixes Erectile Dysfunction

For many years, women were taught Kegel exercise to tighten the pelvic floor muscles, so as to prevent uterine and vaginal prolapsed, prevent urinary incontinence and improve their sex life. Recent studies have shown the benefits of Kegel exercise also applies to men. 40% of men who did Kegel exercises for three to six months reversed their erectile dysfunction problem while 35% showed some improvement.  This significant results show that men should include also includes Kegel exercise in their exercise regime for strengthening their pelvic floor muscles.  It helps men to improve on premature ejaculation and reduce inflammation of the prostate gland. If men do Kegel exercise twice per day, they can expect to see the results in about four to six weeks.

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